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Personnal Data

The general Regulations on data Protection (RGPD) is a set of laws put in place by the European Commission from 25 May 2018 for all companies that have an activity in Europe. At Shadow Distribution, we are concerned!

What does this actually change?

To protect users from data leakage or misuse of personal data, it is now mandatory for companies to keep visitors informed of all computer treatments that are made from data Harvested.

Like all e-traders, we collect data on our Internet users and we work with several third-party providers, who therefore have access to some of our data. This data is indispensable to offer you the best experience possible on our site and to guarantee the smooth running of your order.

Where are Shadow Distribution servers?

The servers of the website are exclusively at SiteGround, in data centers locatedin the Netherlands.

In these servers are our database necessary for the operation of the site as well as the information concerning the accounts receivable. To help you find your order history, this data is only deleted if you request it.


When you use the Site, cookies are likely to be installed on your terminal. Thus, when you first log on to the Site, you are informed about the use of cookies and your consent to the installation and the operation of these cookies will be requested by any appropriate technical process.

Some data is collected and processed automatically because of the customer’s use of the Site. These include the IP address, the characteristics of the browser, the current language, the software used by the Client’s terminal, navigational data and connections… Measures of hearings are also carried out, by which the number of page views, the activity, the frequency of returns on the Site are measured…

For that Shadow Distribution has set up on the Site, automatic tracing processes called cookies (session cookies and permanent cookies).

The cookies are small data files stored on your terminal (computer, tablet, mobile phone or device…) When browsing our site and when you use our site until the expiration of their lifetime or until Whether you disable them or remove them using the features of your browser. These cookies allow our Site to recognize your browser and to capture and retain certain information including personal data.

The cookies deposited and read on the hard disk of your terminal by Shadow Distribution have the following purposes:

    • To carry out the audience measure to know the measurement of the attendance and the use of the Site (contents, topics, time spent, browser used…)
    • Improve the interactivity of the Site to allow customers to reach the communication channels of Shadow Distribution (use of social networking buttons);
  • Understand and keep your preferences for your next visits to the Site.

Conformément aux principes relatifs à la protection des données, vous êtes informé que les cookies sont conservés pendant la durée strictement nécessaire aux finalités pour lesquelles ils sont utilisés et ce, dans les limites définies par l’autorité de protection compétente, soit treize (13) mois à compter de leur placement.

To turn off cookies, you need to set up your browser. Les procédures sont décrites soit dans le menu d’aide du navigateur, soit sur le site internet de l’éditeur. En cas de désactivation, certaines fonctionnalités du Site risquent de ne plus être opérationnelles.

Also, if your personal computer’s browser is configured to deny some temporary cookies, access to the Site may be altered or impossible.

Shadow Distribution authorizes some third party companies to issue from the Site their own cookies, this is the case of third-party application integrated into our media via the buttons « share », « recommend »… from social networks like  » Facebook « , » Twitter « , etc.

Does Shadow Distribution resell my personal data?

No! And we will never do that!

Some companies Exchange customer files for commercial exploration, which is not the case with Shadow Distribution. All the data we collect is at home and will never be given, rented or sold to a third party company.

Is my password safe?

The passwords of our customers are stored « encrypted » and it is impossible to decrypt them. So they’re safe.

Is my credit card number also safe?

for credit card payments, we work with Société Générale that guarantees the security of your data.

At no time do we have access to your credit card number.

Our provider has a lot of amenities that justify the security of their computer system. More information on their site.

What are the personal data that you collect about me and what are they used for?

  • Order

When you create a customer account on our site, we register in our systems all the information necessary to order: your email, your name and first name, your postal address and your telephone number in order to be able to prepare and you Deliver your parcel.

These order data are sent to the various providers who work to make your parcel arrive at your home: Our Logistician who prepares the parcel and the carrier that brings it to your home.

They have absolutely no right to use your data for anything other than to process your order and must delete this data from their computer system after processing. These providers store data in datacenters in Europe.

However, if you choose to be delivered outside of Europe, your data as your mailing address is necessarily sent to the logistical services of the carrier that will deliver you to that country.

  • Statistics

With the aim of constantly improving ourselves, we use software and services operated by third-party providers allowing us to understand our business in the best possible way. As such, we provide these tools with data on our customer base, your browsing history on our site and information about the products ordered.

Most of our tools are hosted in France or Europe, but some have an activity in the United States. As a result, all these data manipulated for statistical purposes outside Europe are totally anonymized.

  • Advertising

Like most online traders, we record your visits to show you then advertising when you browse other Internet sites. This process does not manipulate any personal data and neither the advertising authority nor the third party sites displaying our advertisements have access to your contact information.

If you no longer want to see our advertisements, you can delete the cookies from your Web browser. More information about

  • Avis produits (simple idée – tbc)

Your email address, your name, first name and your order reference are forwarded to our partner Avis-Vérifié who will send you a satisfaction survey. This data is not transmitted to any other company and this data is only used for the purpose of evaluating your shopping experience on Shadow Distribution.

What do I do to change or delete your data held by Shadow Distribution?

most of the data can be changed directly by yourself from your customer area on our website: .

If you do not find what you want, we invite you to write to contact us via our contact Form or by email to , specifying your request.